What's Happening at GradusOne

Step Up Program

The Step Up Program is designed for post-secondary students and recent graduates preparing for their transition to the workforce. This two-month program provides individuals with the necessary resources, skills, and connections to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their career choices.

Exploration Bootcamp

The Exploration Bootcamp is designed for high school students preparing for their post-secondary transition. This program provides youth with the opportunity to take initiative, get inspired and feel motivated as they take their first steps towards life after high school.

Events and Workshops

Our panel events (GradusTalks) and workshops are designed for students, grads and professionals looking to explore diverse career paths, connect with industry experts and discover what excites them. We cover a wide array of topics and help you focus on your personal and professional growth.

What You Will Uncover


Make informed career decisions by gaining a sense of identity by discovering your strengths, interests and values

Career Exploration

Discover various career options and industries by connecting with top local professionals


Create, prioritize and track short and long term career goals and objectives

Networking Skills

Learn the art of starting conversations, maintaining connections and building long-lasting relationships

Personal Branding

Build confidence and present your best self through personal storytelling and brand identity

Transition to the Workforce

Gain insight into how you can build your skillset, strategize your job search and tap into the hidden job market